Blair Burns is a renowned American designer, born and raised in a small town located in southwest Georgia. Blair realized at a young age that he was surrounded by a very humble environment, and began to escape into the pages of the latest fashions & interior design magazines. This is about the time that Blair would develop a strong passion for all things beautiful, all while knowing that these things were almost unattainable or easily accessible to him. After leaving his home town and moving to Florida, Blair pursued a career in Esthetics. He would become world famous for his ability to shape eyebrows, all while simultaneously developing and writing two beauty columns; still, he knew all along there was more in store for him. His clients would constantly bombard him with questions about their homes as well as their appearance. This is when Blair began to assist many of his clients with the interiors of their homes while also styling and dressing them for their upcoming social engagements.


At the dawn of perusing a passion, Blair soon left the world of esthetics to embark on a new career, one that he had always yearned for – a life of design. While only having acquired minimal knowledge, he would soon realize that he still needed to gain more experience. He began by taking on smaller projects that allowed him to learn the critical skills that would be utilized in future projects. Blair would work assiduously learning the art of upholstery and drape making. He would soon be able to produce finely crafted Bed Linens, Drapes, Pillows, and have the skills to build furniture from the ground up.


Although the hard work kept him busy, he kept the memories of a beautiful place in his mind; that place was a small town with humble surroundings, which he had left so many years before. Thinking back, he had once believed that small town had so little to offer him; he now realized he had, in fact, learned something so important from that place. Life is what you make of it, and true happiness comes from helping as many people as you can along the Road of Life.

He had the opportunity to be invited into so many lives, but still longed to share his talents and knowledge with more people. Blair would soon search out affordable and alternative materials for the new type of budget-conscious client, that came about due to the economic downturn. Like Andy Warhol, one of Blair’s most revered designers, he wanted everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy a world filled with beautiful things at an affordable price.

However, trouble came when Blair attempted to find a business partner to fit his needs. Desperate to meet the right person for the job, and with the stress of searching through countless resumes and emails, he overlooked the people willing to help the most. Blair realized that the two people who were closest to him had the potential to be his greatest business partners as well. He recruited the help of both his retired mother and his partner of 15 years; together, the trio would go on to launch an enticing line of handmade Candles, Soaps, Bath Bombs, as well as numerous other home gifts.

Blair, having been born in Georgia, chose to return to his home state. He now resides with his partner in the Buckhead community of Atlanta, Georgia.